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Halo Reach Zombie Series - Youtube!

2010-09-27 15:49:14 by s3v3ns

Yes! You heard right. A Halo Reach series! Its about these guys who are captured and brought to a training facility where a select few every time get temporarily turned into zombies and try to escape. The people who get killed by the zombies are also respawned as temporary zombies. Agents chase these guys as they were not supposed to leave yet and they are stranded and cannot escape until their time is up and they are removed from the zombie training list. This should be able to be put into 1 full season.

Who is in?
I need
Main Guy (Walsh) - Me
His friends - 8 ( Liam, Matt, Kane, a guy who everyone knows as Crusher, Simon, Crash, Peter and Luke ) - ???????
Agents - 3 (Divon, Sam, Mike)
Leader of the organisation A.K.A The Head ( Name will be revealed in 3rd season ) - ???

PM me to join.


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2010-09-27 15:49:42

oh and i need a cameraman and a plotwriter.